Pepe Billete's Christmas: Naked Cubanitas, Fake Rick Ross, and Yolis, AKA Cuban Molly

Yeah, yeah, yeah ... The Holidays are all about family and delving into the true spirit of the season.

But Crossfade and Pepe Billete are not fooled by any of that swill. We know that it's all about the party and la jodedera. In his latest offering through Escoria Films, Señor Billetazo introduces the latest reject from Jim Henson's creature shop, the Pookie Monster.

Madge can look for Molly all she fucking wants, but if the good Cubanitos and Cubanitas wanna get it together this Christmas season, it's all about the Yolis and Pepe, el Pookie, and La Tia Cuca have got it for you with this latest magical bilingual ditty.

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While the use of Yolis and the like is not explicitly condoned by New Times, we know very damn well this statement will fall on deaf ears. So sing your song, revel in the portliness of a Rick Ross look-alike, a bitch beach party y tírate una paja con todas esas nalgas ricas in the video.

Now go make some eggnog!

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