Miami's Blue Starlite Drive-In Owner on Directing Pixies' New "Greens and Blues" Video

If you're a fan of classic alt rock, then rejoice, because Black Francis and the Pixies are making music again.

The band, who until last June hadn't released a new song in nine years, is now touring and will be self-releasing a series of four-song EPs throughout the year.

The latest single, "Greens and Blues" off their new EP-2, also just got the music video treatment. And the clip happens to have a huge Miami connection.

Seen the new vid? Recognize any of those walls or streets?

That's because "Greens and Blues" was shot in Miami, and written and directed by Miami's very own Josh Frank, owner and operator of the Blue Starlite Drive-Ins.

Frank admits to being a longtime friend of Black Francis, ever since the two first met over 15 years ago. Francis sent Frank some demos of his new music last year, and when Frank first heard "Green and Blues," he felt an instant connection.

"I fell in love with the song," the director enthuses, adding that he called up the band's manager immediately to pitch an idea for a video. "The idea for the video came to me while driving around Miami on a particular day that I drove from the beach to Wynwood and I was listening to the song."

Since the Pixies never actually, physically star in their music videos (Frank calls this "their thing"), he was given a lot of free rein once the story idea and script were approved.

"I knew I wanted to play with the color [aspect of the song], given the title. But I also just love the Wynwood wall district," Frank says about picking a location.

Locals will recognize the artwork in the video -- especially Chor Boogie's giant boombox -- but many non-natives will have no clue where this video takes place.

"People outside of Miami don't really know about [Wynwood] and I wanted to share its beauty, as well as make it an important part of the narrative, so it wasn't just being used for the hell of it."

The music video shows a frustrated street artist walking around an arts district trying to find some inspiration. The painter then meets an alien muse (who is dressed in astronaut gear, but she's a legit alien, trust us) and the two spend time appreciating the art on the walls. In the end, he's painting again.

"I like to describe it as a modern take on the '80s movie Splash, starring Tom Hanks. But I also liked the idea that if an alien actually did come down and visit us, it's far more likely she or he will bump into a slacker street artist than a famous scientist or inventor."

Frank describes his vision as "Pixie-ish" and says he wanted nothing more than to do justice to Black Francis, the band, and their music.

While you're watching (and re-watching) the video for "Greens and Blues," you might also notice another familiar spot -- if you've ever been to Frank's Blue Starlite Drive In.

The director laughs and says, "Good thing I had my own drive-in to use as a set! Low-budget music video! High-concept idea!

"I liked the idea of this oddball match made in space to come together and go on a date at an old-school venue like a drive-in."

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