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¡Mayday! Remixes the Black Keys, Add "Beard-a-Fied Guitar Solo" to "Sinister Kid"

Earlier this week, the Black Keys dropped one of the best albums of 2011, El Camino. The record quickly skyrocketed to the top of the iTunes chart, slapping Michael Buble's Christmas record out of the top spot and triggering a Miami-based remix from one of New Times' favorite hip-hop acts.

Inspired by the Black Keys's latest, local rap crew ¡Mayday! "hijacked" one of its favorite tracks off El Camino and dropped a "Sinister Kid" freestyle. Listen to the song and download a free copy after the cut.

¡Mayday! took a short break from working on forthcoming record "Take Me to Your Leader" (due Spring 2012) to remix "Sinister Kid." And the digital cover art is just as gnarly as the song itself.

Spitting rhymes about burning bridges, smoking bowls, dirty sneakers, and drinking KCT is a Solo cup, BernBiz and Wrekonize kept the original "Sinister Kid" chorus the way Dan Auerbach intended and split vocal duties on opposing verses. To top it off, Plex Luthor flexes his chops with an extended, "beard-a-fied guitar solo" at the end of track.

Download: "Sinister Kid" remix by ¡Mayday!

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