M83 at Ultra Music Festival 2012: Technical Issues Ruin Live Performance

Read M83's official comment on its ridiculously shortened two-song set.

I'll admit, I was livid yesterday. But after having a chance to sleep on it, I've come to accept it. My hope of seeing M83 in concert wasn't meant to be.

Yes, the group performed two songs, but its rushed performance at Ultra Music Festival's Live Stage was not the one I was hoping to witness.

What happened? It's somewhat unclear, but technical issues seem to be the factor that forced Anthony Gonzalez and his band to take the stage a full 50 minutes after their scheduled set time. Two songs were all they were allowed so they wouldn't affect the rest of the performances, which needed to be over by midnight to comply with the city's noise curfew.

To Ultra attendees visiting from other major cities, it's probably not a big deal. But for Miami fans who were hoping to see M83 live, saying this performance was a let down doesn't even begin to describe it.

Bands often skip over the city, due to its inconvenient location, usually not traveling any farther south than Atlanta or Orlando. When traveling by tour bus, Miami doesn't always make financial sense. But festivals like Ultra give bands extra incentive to make the trip because the organizers make it worth their time.

Will M83 ever make the trek back down to Miami? The band's press contact says an official statement will be released soon. (We'll update you once we have it.) But let's hope Gonzalez and crew can find the time during their current U.S. tour to make it up to their Miami fans.

Anyway, we'll leave you with video of M83's Ultra performance of "Midnight City," one of the two songs played last night at Ultra.

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