Jacksonville Drag Queen Rapper Twinki Wants You to Let Go: Video

Don’t let her stilettos, tight dress, and wig fool you. When Jacksonville drag queen rapper Twinki snatches up the mic, she slays those rhymes like a boss.

“Basically, the music I perform right now, it’s really, I like to call it raunchy sexxxcore,” the corporate salesperson by day and J-Ville diva by night explains in New Times’ video, shot during her Magic City debut at Kill Your Idol last week. "It’s very sexually explicit music."

Though Twinki definitely fits in with the whole crazy party vibe of South Beach, the rapper admitted in a recent Miami New Times Music interview that “winning over the crowd” is usually one of her biggest struggles when it comes to performing.

“One of the main challenges, more so than anything, is getting people over that initial shock they experience when they see me come out onstage for the first time. It’s just like, ‘Here we go again.’"

That may be the case in northern Florida. But in the 305, homegirl fit right in.

“She looks amazing,” says one Twinki fan in our video, as he waited for the “Bubble Booty POP” star to take the stage. “If she looks as good as she raps, it’s gonna be alright.”

And it was certainly “alright.” Twinki gained some new South Beach fans from the modest crowd at KYI that night. And she also let the 305 know that her rap gigs are more than just dressing up, showing off, and having fun. It’s about empowering people and teaching others to “let go” of stereotypes.

“Yes, I’m wearing a dress, I’m wearing makeup, I’m wearing high heel shoes, but I’m still a good rapper,” she declares, staring straight into the camera. “I just want people to get over it — like, get over putting people inside a box because of their sexuality, their gender identity, and all that shit.

“I think it’s old, it’s passé. It’s 2015 and that’s like old news to me.” 

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