III Points Offers an Alternative Festival Experience With Its Foresight Pass

Festival season is in full swing, and no doubt you're rackin' up the unforgettable moments. Maybe you (almost) caught Kanye doing his best Pablo impression in New York City, or maybe you're going to bathe yourself in layers of light and the sad, angelic croon of Radiohead's Tom Yorke in Chicago. Wherever you go, you'll inevitably find yourself sandwiched butts-to-nuts between two strangers, walking in tiny steps like a scared cow just to get a good look at your favorite headliner, and when it comes time to take a shit – forget about it.

If you're not 21 anymore and touching someone's cold, fishy, sweat-covered arm sounds about as fun as your impending 10- (or 20-)year high school reunion, don't fear. III Points understands, and it's here for you.

Introducing the upgradable, comfort-driven option of the Foresight Pass. It's meant to quell the call for a VIP package, but in a way that III Points — a decidedly un-bougie festival — feels good putting its name on. Sure, it's a separate area near the stage set to offer breathing room with a side of complimentary water, beer, and Red Bull, but it will not and cannot be douche central.

“It will not be raised up in the air, it won't be obstructing anyone's view, and it won't fuck with anything the people who bought regular GA tickets have going on,” says III Points co-founder David Sinopoli. He really wants you to know this isn't some mad-grab for more of your money. It's just something to placate those who say they really want to come see LCD Soundsystem, but are kind of turned off by what the words “music festival" have come to mean.

To prove its intentions, the III Points team is offering upgrades to GA ticket holders at a deal (just send an email to upgrade@iiipoints.com to inquire about that), and those who went all in and bought the early bird Prophet Pass will find themselves upgraded for the price of absolutely free.

“We want those people to know that they're appreciated,” Sinopoli says. “We want to give an offering to the Prophet Pass people that have supported us and got us this far, so we're just going to upgrade their tickets and let them know — that kind of blind faith they put in us before we dropped the lineup is going to constantly be rewarded.”

So, more dancing room, complimentary beer, and did we mention the private bathrooms? It's cool if you want to fight through the crowd, jump around in the front row, and walk away drenched in bodily fluids. If that's your festival truth, then more power to you. You are a superstar, and the rest of us are jealous of your energy and never-ending enthusiasm.

But some of us just want to stand off to the side, sip our drink, and not get hit in the face with a crowd-surfer or a selfie-stick. You can call us old. We don't care. James Murphy plays on our team.

III Points. October 7 through 9 at Mana Wynwood, 318 NW 23rd St., Miami; 305-573-0371; manawynwood.com. Tickets cost $99 to $150 via iiipoints.com. III Points 3-Day Foresight Passes cost $245 to $305 plus fees via iiipoints.com. Current 3-Day GA holders can upgrade to Foresight Passes by emailing upgrade@iiipoints.com. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.