Hottest Miami Heat Players, According to the Ladies

There's something inexplicably sexy about sweaty men, especially the men of the Miami Heat. Just look at the way they run across the basketball court at the AAA with perspiration slowly dripping down their chiseled biceps, how aggressively they fight for the ball, and how smoothly they score.

Maybe it's the hunger they have to win. But after watching el Heat play their hearts and souls out against the San Antonio Spurs in Game 6, their sexiness only exploded. And the ladies of Wood Tavern all agreed on one thing: The men of the Heat are steaming hot.

And when we win the title of NBA Champs tonight (fingers crossed), we're pretty sure panties will drop. Just check out the hottest Miami Heat players, according to the ladies.

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Tie: Ray Allen and Dwyane Wade

"If it's just on looks," says Bahia Ramos.

But we're pretty sure the way that Ray shoots three-pointers and led the Heat to Game 7 of the NBA Finals has something to do with it.

"But Wade for style. He's bold and unexpected. He takes chances."

Guess Bahia digs men in capri suits and flip glasses.

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