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It seemed only yesterday that Friendster (www.friendster.com) was the destination for young, hip Americans to build their own personalized Websites and participate in a worldwide online network.

But Friendster is so, like, two years ago. These days everyone is heading over to MySpace (www.myspace.com). Since the Los Angeles-based portal launched last year, it has attracted more than four million subscribers. Technologically superior, it not only offers all the things you can do on Friendster, like invite friends to "join" your site via e-mail sent from your Webpage, post comments, and list hobbies/discussion topics such as music, movies, and books; but you can decorate your page with your own HTML "wallpaper" and even post your own videos and songs, as well as link to friends' sites.

It's no wonder, then, that Miami-Dade's cliquish music community, once faithfully devoted to Friendster, is now joining MySpace at a feverish pace. Always keen for a new promotional vehicle, nearly every local scenester you can think of has created his or her own MySpace page, cramming onto it as many concert announcements, live photos, homemade videos, and demo songs as possible. Here are a few who stand out.

The Waterford Landing

Description: "Here are the YOUNG men ..."

Member since: July 21, 2004

Number of friends: 290

Sounds like: "A psychedelic color wall, a high school prom on opiates, Satan's whistle, and bipolar robots"

What it really sounds like: Some droll, ironic guy barely singing over really awesome shoegazer rock

Link: www.myspace.com/thewaterfordlanding


Description: "What A Difference A Lay Makes ..."

Member since: September 3, 2004

Number of friends: 1471

Sounds like: "Your Funkiest, Nastiest, Wet Dream"

About Blowfly: "I am Blowfly (a.k.a. Clarence Reid), the world's baddest nigga. I am the original nasty rapper, porno freak, and inventor of the Miami Sound. My song öRapp Dirty' was the first rap song ever. All your favorite hip-hop groups pay my bills when they sample my shit, including Ice Cube, The Jurassic Five, and Puff Daddy"

Link: www.myspace.com/blowfly

The Getback

Description: "Hot Shitt. Cock Rock."

Member since: September 24, 2003

Number of friends: 2525

Sounds like: "An erection."

Sample comment: "I'm horny right now" -- Miss. Nikki

Link: www.myspace.com/thegetback

Carter Beats the Devil

Description: "When Ghosts Crowd This Room ..."

Member since: May 16, 2004

Number of friends: 279

Sounds like: Shit

Influences: Shows an animation of MC Hammer in parachute pants dancing on top of a video screen showing Michael Jackson's Thriller

Link: www.myspace.com/carterbeatsthedevil

Marqui Adora

Description: "The pretty ones will destroy you"

Member since: August 12, 2004

Number of friends: 955

Sounds like: The best of: Muse, The Pixies, U2, The Faint, The Rapture, Queens of the Stone Age, The Cure, Your Mom ... moaning

Sample friend: AngeliKill, a 22-year-old senior mortgage broker from Pembroke Pines

Link: www.myspace.com/marquiadora

Brighid Aura

Description: "Brighid Aura (Electrorock Music from Miami, FL)"

Member since: September 7, 2004

Number of friends: 5287

Sounds like: "Enya and Metallica with a mix of electronica"

Scariest friend: Allen Wrench, a 37-year-old heavy-metal singer from Riverside, California, who performs in devil horns and fake blood

Link: www.myspace.com/brighidaura

Iowa Test

Description: "Nostalgia is for pussies"

Member since: January 29, 2004

Friends: 528

Sounds like: "Your fantastic mind shaking along with that fantastic body"

Indications that Iowa Test take themselves very seriously: Webpage is draped in black HTML wallpaper; duo consists of Moniker ("vox," "that constant uneasy feeling") and Mr. Mendez ("gadgetry," "pensive glances")

Link: www.myspace.com/iowatest

Otto Von Schirach

Description: "The Over Seer -- Otto Von Crack -- A Vagitarian"

Member since: July 14, 2004

Friends: 458

Sounds like: "When you use the bathroom"

Sample song titles: "G4 Scramblin'" "Goat Sperm," "Spine Yogurt"

Link: www.myspace.com/ottovonschirachwilleatyourbrain

Rock It to Russia

Description: "The RAMONES Tribute Band"

Member since: October 3, 2004

Friends: 389

Sounds like: "The Ramones ... no really it sounds like the Ramones you thought it was the real thing. Fans come and hug Nicky calling him Joey and pat Bobby saying you are the Ramone are amazed and bow to the Guitar Punk Blackie. Um we need a drummer"

Looks like: Four old-school guys who hang out at Churchill's Pub

Link: www.myspace.com/rockittorussia

Number 3 Pencils

Description: "Number 3 Pencils"

Member since: June 5, 2004

Friends: 698

Sounds like: "The Beatles doing Guns 'n Roses covers. At least that's what they say anyway...."

Sample blog entry: "I went to the Bahamas last weekend to celebrate my birthday and I got mugged in an elaborate scheme in which one Bahamian played the paranoid drug dealer and another played the undercover cop looking for a bribe. Happy Birthday"

Link: www.myspace.com/number3pencils

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