Gigtat Lets Ultra Attendees Tattoo Set Times Anywhere on Their Bodies

Gigtat Lets Ultra Attendees Tattoo Set Times Anywhere on Their Bodies
Courtesy of Gigtat
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Imagine yourself tilted at a music festival this summer. It's pouring, your cell service is spotty, and hours ago you let some dude with cool hair use your set sheet as a rolling paper. Now what? Easy. You stare at your forearm for a couple of seconds, point to the main stage, and elbow your way there. The who, what, when, and where are all right there on your skin, because you tattooed the entire festival lineup on your body at home.

It's temporarily tattooed to your body, of course, because you're not that inebriated. Yet.

The people at Gigtat have made this entire scenario possible and also decided it wasn't enough to help only forgetful festivalgoers. They wanted to give back to the community too.

So how have most people who've purchased the tattoos reacted? "That's smart as fuck!" Philippe Bosshart, founder of Gigtat, says customers tell him. "And it looks amazing."

Gigtat, like many inventions, was born out of need. Bosshart was tired of trying to figure out when and where a band was playing. And he noticed everyone fixated on their phones while amazing festivals were going on all around them. "I can't imagine Woodstock with people glued to their phones," Bosshart says.

If you're old enough to attend a festival like Ultra, you probably haven't applied a temporary tattoo in a while. Chances are memories of the last time you used one include a spotty, sticky, gooey mess that quickly wasn't as cool as it started. Gigtat, however, isn't a tattoo you get in a gumball machine at the supermarket exit. It's built to withstand your partying.

"The tattoos are 100 percent party-tested," Bosshart says. "They handle mud, water, beer, sweat, and whatever else you might throw at them, other than the alcohol wipes we provide that take them off in seconds."

Gigtat recently announced it would donate 10 percent of all proceeds to youth music programs. In Miami, the company has reached out to the Miami Music Project in hopes of supporting its goal of using music as a vehicle to help children acquire core values and achieve their potential. Gigtat is also offering a buy-one-get-one-free deal ($9.99) for those who use the promo code BOGOBLAST when ordering through the company's social media feeds.

Why would you need two of the same festival set times? Well, you could share one with a friend, or you could put the second one on another location of your body. Gigtat says have at it, but be sure to skip a few select areas.

"Let’s just say we tested how well they work in almost all locations on the body," Bosshart says. "The only limitation is to avoid very hairy areas."

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.