Five Sexiest Songs of Summer 2013, According to Miami Party People

Sure, you may have had some steamy flings this summer, but the one thing that scored more points on the sex-o-meter was the music -- those pop hits that played during the half-naked pool parties and intense make out seshs with the invasion of European tourists.

And if there was one thing the laid-back crowd of dudes in Converse and Metallica T-shirts and ladies in leopard-printed tops and tight striped dresses at Clandestino Pub all agreed on is that the music this summer was a medley of sexual innuendos and catchy beats.

Although you may not remember half of the shenanigans and debaucheries that went down, here are the five sexiest jams of Miami's hottest season, according to 305 music freaks, that'll help you recall those hazy nights.

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"Get Lucky" by Daft Punk featuring Pharrell

Cuervo, one of the owners of the bar, was sippin' on a brewski and mingling with the crowd.

"Sexiest song of the summer... I have to think about that one," he said as he took a gulp of beer.

"The Daft Punk one, 'Get Lucky,'" he quickly responded.

"Suit & Tie" by Justin Timberlakem featuring Jay Z

"There's also that Justin Timberlake one, 'Suit &Tie'," he added.

Anything with JT merits instant sexy status.

"Bugatti" by Ace Hood

Sitting by the bar was Ben Lucas.

"'Woke Up In a New Bugatti'," he (jokingly?) said about his pick for the sexiest song this summer.

"What's so sexy about it?"

"The beat," he responded.

The song was actually released earlier this year, but rose to the top during the early days of summer. And for a guy who seems to have a thing for cars and gasta beats, we'll let it slide.

"Burred Lines" by Robin Thicke and Pharrell

"'Get Lucky' probably has to be song of the summer," he added.

"But 'Blurred Lines' was brilliantly marketed. Boobs sell anything."

Feminist views aside, you gotta admit it is a catchy song.

"We Can't Stop" by Miley Cyrus

"'Blurred Lines' was one of them, but the Daft Punk one ['Get Lucky'] was more relatable," said Roger Izaguirre.

"You can't forget the one where Miley Cyrus twerks."

"Yeah, that one is pretty dirty too," agreed Izaguirre.

Keep it classy, Miami.

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