Winter Music Conference

DJ Tommy Bones

If you like your downtempo with hand drums, maracas, kalimbas, clanging cowbells, and vocalese, classic soul DJ Tommy Bones's African, East Indian, and Brazilian-flavor mixes will have you dancing like the possessed. This Connecticut Yankee gone global with releases on King Street, Wave, and most recently Defected cut his teeth in the Tri-State Area warehouse scene. But Bones is more than just a DJ. When so moved, the designer of the popular Got Soul? T-shirts leaves his station behind the decks to circle-dance with the crowd; this guy has got a spin, as smooth and fast as a top.

1. Isolee, "Initiate" (Playhouse)
2. Ame, "Rej" (Sonar Kollektiv)
3. Oorutaichi, "Misen Gymnastics" (Bear Funk)
4. Annekei, "More of Your Love (MKL vs. Shan Boogie Mix)" (Lion1music)
5. Solu Music, "I Feel (Chris Brann Remix)" (Solu Music)
6. Sequel, "I've Been Waiting" (Sonar Kollektiv)
7. Lorayne, "Something About You" (Deeplay)
8. Filsonik, "Llori" (Space Kat Records)
9. Joi Cardwell, "What It Feels Like" (King Street)
10. Reel People, "In the Sun" (Advance-CDR) (Yoruba)

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Makkada B. Selah