Blowfly Does the Dirty in New Times' Miami People Issue 2011

From the day that he was born in 1939, Clarence Reid's been a filthy-mouthed motherfucker.

Now notorious for pornographic pop song satires like "Suck Around the Clock," "All Fucked Up," and "Whole Lotta Fuckin' Goin' On," Reid's childish antics weren't any less XXX.

As we write in New Times' Miami People Issue 2011, "When he was a kid, his grandmother overheard him reworking the chorus to "Do the Twist" into "Suck My Dick." Disgusted, Grandma scolded him: 'You are nastier than a blowfly!'"

Thus, the boy became Blowfly. "According to her, when the comet struck the Earth, killing all the dinosaurs, all that was left were the blowflies," Reid tells New Times. "The blowflies went around the world laying their maggots all over the place. That's what my mouth was doing -- laying maggots."

And long may Mr. Reid lay them maggots, spread them maggots, and sing them maggoty motherfuckin' songs.

Check out New Times' exclusive profile and photos of Blowfly in the Miami People Issue 2011.

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