Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

If you feel that your neighbors are in need of a wake-up call via your home stereo, California's Black Rebel Motorcycle Club has the goods you are looking for. Take Them On, On Your Own sounds like the Jesus and Mary Chain playing inside a Harrier Jet engine, and damn if it doesn't sound great.

Some of its songs, like "Six Barrel Shotgun," with its chiming, discordant, yet somehow still melodic guitars, equal anything from their critically lauded, self-titled debut. Lyrically BRMC's second outing surprises -- the biggest shock, naturally, being that you can actually hear the lyrics this time around. When singer/guitarist Peter Hayes swoons "I'm in love without you" on "We're All in Love," you can hear the heartbreak in his voice.

Yet despite these improvements, the record can't keep pace with the furious momentum the band establishes with its first few tracks. The group stalls by the time it gets around to quieter acoustic songs like "And I'm Aching." These numbers aren't even that bad per se; it's just that BRMC's electric guitars sound so good when they're played loud that you wonder why it even bothered unplugging them and screwing with the flow of the album. BRMC should stick to the formula that works: detached, cool lyrics mixed with soaring, reverb-laden guitars over a scorching rhythm section. But for the most part the trio's revisionist sound of early-Nineties, noisy Brit rock will easily appeal to your inner brat, and maybe even your neighbors, too, unless they are too old to appreciate it.

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Charlie Amter