Aholsniffsglue Gets a Leg Tattoo in Honor of the Anniversary of GG Allin's Death

I love and miss GG Allin. He died exactly 18 years ago today at age 36. This one is for you GG! There has never been a self-appointed Rock 'n' Roll Messiah like him, and there never will be.

But I digress ... Last night, after spending about ten minutes looking at cellphone photos of train-hopper friends on Facebook (the irony), I saw a status update from Aholsniffsglue that pulled a trigger in my mind. (Because, you know, my mind is a machine gun.) The Miami art star and club promoter had driven up to Jacksonville and gotten an awesome portrait of GG Allin tattooed on his leg by Gordie!

I suddenly realized (admittedly after a quick Google search) that GG had died on June 28, 1993. That means that I had attended one of his shows over 18 years ago, at the ripe old age of 20! And to be quite honest, I am still mentally scarred by something that happened to me at that concert. You can see what happened to this humble narrator almost two decades ago in the video below.

But first, let's catch up with Ahol for a moment.

Crossfade: Hey, man. How's it going?

Ahol: Chilling, dude.

I see you got a GG tattoo. Looks nice! What inspired you to get that?

True. Yeah, just go it from Gordie in Jacksonville. I've been a GG fan for a while. Had the weekend off. Me and my homie decided to take a trip to hit the Florida Springs and get tattooed by Gordie. Wanted to get something loose and spur of the moment and GG happened to come to mind.

You gave GG a 305 tat on your tat!

Yeah, it was either that or have him throwing up the 305 with his hands. But I wanted the "Die When You Die" banner, so it was one or the other.

Did you ever attend a GG show?

Never saw GG alive. Probably a good thing. I always wondered if I'd still be a fan if he punched me or shat on me.

But that was part of the appeal. I saw him in New Orleans a few months before he died. He kinda fucked me in the face, someone got it on video.

Damn. That's wild, dude.

LOL ... To say that he fucked me in the face comes out sounding wrong. Here, watch the video...

At 0:07, I'm rubbing his bald bloody scalp and then it spins out of control. That show, Eyehategod opened and there were kegs at the club. GG was sharing his Jim Beam and smoking hash with us backstage. I had just turned 20.

Dooood ... That's so loose. You really did get face-humped. Wow, it's always great finding out people that are GG fans. The dude lived a very unique life and, to say the least, is very inspirational to me. That video is amazing and The President is the man.

Awesome!...but back to your tattoo...Gordie did a great job...we miss him down here!

Gordie is the best. We've wilded out much. He's into GG, so he had fun with the idea. Gordie's been responsible for some of my more silly tattoos, i.e. turbo negro pig cop getting head blown off, shake titty skull, bopsy.

Long live Aholsniffsglue!

Thanks, man. You're the best.

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