'80s Prom: Ten Best Dressed, From Miami Vice to Madonna

As the disco ball spun and twinkled across the main ballroom to Modern English's "I Melt With You," dudes in blowouts, couples in puffy pink prom dresses and white suits, and Jon Bon Jovi doppelgangers got Footloose and partied like it was 1987.

An arc of red, white, and yellow balloons and Madonna's "Lucky Star" welcomed Cyndi Lauper lookalikes and rock stars to the Vagabond's annual '80s prom, while the State Of took the stage with Real Life's "Send Me An Angle" and other tunes from the era of hairspray and Miami Vice.

From ladies in neon tutus and denim jackets to bros in leather pants and mohawks, here are the ten best outfits that took us back to the glam and big hair of the '80s.

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Sonny from Miami Vice and Andie Walsh from Pretty In Pink

Nothing screams the '80s in the Magic City like white suits, pastel colors, and shades, much like the look popularized by Sonny and Rico in Miami Vice.

And of course, you can't forget Sonny's date, Andie, the underdog who scores the cool kid in school (more like a hunky detective in this case) on prom night in the 1986 cult classic, Pretty In Pink.

Prom Queen

Ruffles, big hair, and more ruffles ... That's the look every girl envied back in the day.

And if it were in fact 1985, we're pretty sure Joandra Arroyo would be crowned Prom Queen.

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Glam Rock Star Vibe

"I lived in the '80s, thus this isn't a costume," said Carmel Ophir with total rock star 'tude.

"It was the age of decadence," he said as he whipped out his phone and showed off a handsome picture of himself at his actual prom over 20 years ago.

But unlike the tux he wore that night, tonight was more about rockin' the "rock 'n roll, glam" look he had going on, velvet jacket, felt hat, and all.

Michael Jackson

MJ may be gone, but the King of Pop's moon walk ways and "Thriller" moves live on.


In his 1986 hit "Kiss," Prince said, "women, not girls, rule my world." And from the looks of it, women seem to rule Saud Rai's world too.

"My wife chose my costume," he said.

Smart move, Saud, smart move.

Jon Bon Jovi

All is dead, but metal, just ask Paulo Keller.

Going after his idol Jon Bon Jovi, Keller went all out with big hair, a leather jacket, and combat boots.

Guess Bon Jovi will "Always" live on after all.


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Much like the pop icon herself, Nicole Susi's "living in a material world and [she's] a material girl."


You know you were a total hard ass in the '80s if you rock a dyed mohawk and spikes.

Denim and Bandanas

Mikey Bayona looked like he walked right out of 1987.

"What inspired your look?"

"My mother going to Casanovas or Strawberries in Hialeah every Friday night," he said.

Looks like watching his mom get glammed up all those years developed a unique taste of '80s fashion in Bayona.

Whitney Houston, 1986 Prom Queen, Cyndi Lauper, and Donna Sommer

"So who are you?"

"Well, I'm the class of 1986 prom queen, she's Cyndi Lauper, and that's Donna Summer," said Crystal as she pointed to the divas of the '80s.

"And I'm Whitney Houston," added her friend, "I just wanna dance with somebody."

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