11 Dancing GIFs From South Beach's Memorial Weekend 2012

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Memorial Day weekend 2012 on South Beach was a big-ass block party. Lots of em' really.

Ocean Drive was all action. Collins and Washington had more Chevy's riding high than a Trick Daddy video. Every rapper from Two Chainz to Gucci Mane to Lil Wayne was on the island popping bottles by the truckload.

The sand and surf were full of tourists swimming with locals. And the atmosphere was chill, open, and friendly. Just check out Crossfade's 11 sexy dancing GIFs.

11. The Skirt Grab

Because you don't want everyone to see your whole ass when you're wearing that sexy skirt that shows your whole ass when you're dancing.

9. The Drop Low Jiggle

They're not only dancing, they're also tanning their inner thighs.

10. The Ab Master

What? You thought Jason Taylor came back to Miami for football practice?

8. The No-Look Pass

Just chilling at Ocean's Ten drinking giant mojitos, vibing, and snatching other dude's chicks like it ain't no sweat.

7. The Thug Magic

Yeah, she knows the quickest way to get a guy with an old bullet wound to start shaking his hips again ... Throw that booty in the air and wave it like she just don't care.

6. The House Party

Giant cup of red drink from The Breakwater, some Meek Mill, and she's on her feet and dancing like she's home in her living room.

5. The Ballerina

This lady's ass is so talented she can do six dance moves while standing in place and make it look easy.

4. The Vixen

Sexy as hell. Dances like a stripper. Knows how to work the pole. And keeps all her clothes on. Damn, she's good.

3. The Rumpshaker

All she wanna do is zooma-zoom-zoom-zoom and a boom-boom, on Ocean Drive

2. The Acrobat

She dances upside down at Cameo. She climbs a pole like it's a ladder to success. And she's ready to party.

1. The Kiss My Ass
She's got a kiss tattooed on her ass for a reason, so make like a gardener and start planting two lips.

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