For the fourth year, Miami New Times dedicates a full issue to the innate brilliance and beauty of our city’s population. We’ve gathered artists, athletes, attorneys, and the king of a footwear empire — among others — to display the diversity and wonder that the tropics offer the world. We’ll wager that after eyeballing these 30 paragons of perfection, you’ll be twice as proud to live here. Photography by Stian Roenning.

Lady Casa Kareem Tabsch Marleine Bastien
Al Golden Daniela Viotti Juleisy y Karla
Billy Corben Brianna Perry Mary Anne Franks
Otto von Schirach Trina Robinson Oscar G
Adam Gersten Katrina Campins Denzel Curry
Alex Gartenfeld Joel and Leticia Pollock Abebe Lewis
Ria Michelle Nicky Bowe Tatiana Suarez
Carlos Bello The Pubbelly Boys Sarah Newberry
Johnathan Wakefield Nina Compton P. Scott Cunningham
Donald Pliner Daniella Levine David Richardson

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