Zachary Fagenson

Wagons West Restaurant

Wagons West is the perfect place for breakfast, lunch, or brunch. Don't expect a slice of cantaloupe or complimentary mimosas, though. Instead, get ready for wisecracking waitresses and potty-mouthed cooks. But that's exactly what gives this small, narrow, and heavily wooded anomaly in ritzy Pinecrest its charm. Pop in wearing a T-shirt and jeans, or even a pair of pajama pants and pink bunny slippers, because this diner is the definition of laid-back, honey. Yet after a sampling of banana-nut pancakes or a club sandwich (we recommend it with a side of sweet potato fries), you'll know a lot of effort goes into the food. Other menu stand-outs include French toast and crab cakes Benedict, which, if you're flying solo, can be enjoyed with a cup of coffee at the central counter or, if you're with a group, at one of the many other counters. No uncomfortable free-standing tables here, or for that matter, any kind of awkwardness, period.Read more.