Taste Buds of India

Taste Buds of India in South Miami concentrates on traditional preparations of dishes from all over India, as well as Indian-Chinese hybrids that are becoming increasingly popular in North America. A wonderful feature of Indian cuisine is how much it's rooted in vegetable entrees. Here, there are plenty of excellent meatless options, including the northern Indian staple eggplant bharta. The velvety puree is addictive and, like nearly everything here, pairs brilliantly with naan or rice. Another hit is chana masala, featuring chickpeas and tomatoes flavored with ginger, garlic, coriander, and garam masala. Despite the large menu, there are no pork or beef items. However, a red-meat craving is easily satisfied by the lamb rogan josh. This dish has its origins in Kashmir and consists of lamb slow-cooked in yogurt. The tenderized meat is incredibly juicy, while black and green cardamom from India lend the plate a seductively aromatic quality.