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George Martinez

Stoupsy's of Athens

George Martinez
Stoupsy's of Athens has an Achilles heel: It's cramped and hot, keeps lousy hours, and lacks parking. Yet it's always packed. Why? Perhaps it's because this unpretentious blue-and-white shawarma shack serves up authentic and affordable Greek grub good enough for the gods. There's the popular and severely addictive souvlaki sandwich, which consists of Middle Eastern flatbread stuffed with vegetables, feta, yogurt sauce, and chunks of lean beef cooked over charcoal until mouthwateringly tender. A notable gyro platter comes with a side of tasty lemon potatoes, a Greek salad, and toasted pita. Even sides are well executed. For instance, dolma (grape leaves stuffed with rice) are moistened by a pool of olive oil so each bite is perfect.Read more.