Sports Grill

Sports Grill serves, by far, the meatiest and tastiest wings in town. Don't believe us? Try ordering a batch of 16 ($12.25) or 25 pieces ($18.99) just before a big game. Sure, the folks answering the phone at this Kendall institution won't immediately laugh and hang up on you, but they'll hold back the chuckles as they inform your loony ass that you'll be waiting for a while. No sacred sporting event feels quite right without sinking your teeth into one of these plump, unbreaded, and grilled to grease-free perfection chicken wings. They come smothered in your choice of special (our favorite), Buffalo, barbeque, garlic, glazed teriyaki, or Miami Heat sauce â?? the last of which is known to leave a burn more intense than Dwyane Wade's divorce proceedings. And yes, it's the word-of-mouth rep of these wings that'll rope you into this not otherwise stylish strip mall sports pub. But other menu items, such as the juicy Sports burger ($6.60) and the Rocky Balboa sandwich ($5.50) â?? a sausage Philly smothered with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese â?? are sure to knock you out.