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Siam River

When non-Japanese restaurants, most commonly Thai joints, tack on sushi bars for purely commercial reasons, the sushi is generally either pretty lowest-common-denominator or pretty silly: a pedestrian selection of fish and lots of rolls featuring cream cheese. But not at Siam River. Though the Thai dishes are as good as anywhere else in town, the sushi bar is a delightful surprise, serving some of the most creative, and unquestionably freshest, sushi in South Florida. A daily-changing specials menu features all the usual fishy suspects, plus unusual flown-in seafood like aka kamasu (Japanese red barracuda). If it's in-season don't miss broiled fresh Florida stone crab sushi in a circle of toasted nori seaweed, topped with melted uni "sauce" that looks like grilled cheese but tastes like savory warm seafood custard. Read our full review.