Natalia Molina

Sabor a Perú

Natalia Molina
The cooking at Sabor a Perú is warm and caringly prepared, just like homemade Peruvian cuisine should be. Start with traditional potato dishes such as ocopa: slices of boiled potatoes bathed in a vibrant green sauce of the same name and culled from huacatay. Or papas a la huancaína: similarly boiled spuds coated in what might be described as an extremely refined nacho cheese dip. Ceviches are fresh and zesty and include shrimp, mussels, octopus, and sea bass, individually or in combos. Similar seafoods come cooked in a huge platter of arroz con mariscos. One of the best dishes is the Peruvian stir-fry lomo saltado, jumped with juicily seared slices of beef, red onions, tomato wedges, and fresh French fries, with a steamy dome of white rice on the side. There's nothing Peruvian about key lime pie, but somehow Sabor makes one of the best in town, notable for its densely creamy custard.

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