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Roma Organic Gelato

We know gelato is just a fancy-schmancy Italian word for ice cream. But the frozen goodness at Roma needs â?? no, requires â?? a term of its own. The stuff is smooth, rich, and flavorful, bordering on manna from the Arctic Circle. It's a tad expensive (one scoop costs $4, two scoops $5, three scoops $6), but it's an acceptable splurge. Try the stracciatella, which is similar to chocolate chip but not as cloyingly sweet. Or venture into fruit flavors such as tangy raspberry. Not all varieties are always available; the Italian owners hand-make the gelato daily, so offerings vary. The small shop is also a great place to relax while you enjoy your treat; the décor â?? featuring model airplanes, balloons, and powder-blue walls â?? gives a sleek yet adorable European feel.