Ricky Bakery

Cuban bakeries in Miami are a dime a dozen, and pastelitos and cafecitos, a penny per. But Ricky Bakery's homemade baked goods are so authentic they'll impress even the most discerning abuelita. Try one of their homemade croquetas (a New Times Best Of winner) with fillings like bacalao, spinach, chicken, cheese, or ham. Their West Dade location also has every other Cuban baked good you could ever want: bocaditos, empanadas, pastelitos, albóndigas et al. And when it comes to cakes, this is the go-to place for those sugary sweet, liberally frosted concoctions in various neon colors and hues, just like you remember from every childhood birthday. They do lots of bulk sales for parties, so they're the place to go if you need 250 pastelitos, stat.