PK Oriental Market

Tucked out of sight in a rear corner of this small Asian grocery store is a hidden gem: a glassed-in take-out counter that looks like a miniature version of one of the rotisserie windows you'd expect to find on New York's Mott Street. And the housemade Chinese barbecue within - hanging ducks, strips of pork, soy sauce-marinated chickens, spareribs - is as tasty as any found in the nation's major Chinatowns. Best bet is to hit the barbecue counter Saturdays and Sundays, when PK offers a more extensive selection, including double-cooked (roasted and then deep-fried) pei pa duck, crispier-skinned and less fatty than the regular roast duck. Also highly recommended: crisp pork with tender meat and a succulent layer of crackling. There are no vegetable dishes to complement the protein, but PK's grocery shelves are well stocked with ready-to-assemble rice and noodle offerings (like Myojo's excellent cold sesame noodles) plus exotic Chinese produce for stir-fries, far more authentic than standard Miami Chinese eatery fare.