At Perfecto, a gastrobar on Brickell Avenue, the mood is celebratory and the food is a modern riff on Catalan classics. With its vertiginous ceiling, modern art, and orchids so massive they appear to have been genetically modified, the industrial-style room is stunning. It's the brainchild of Oscar Manresa, a chef-restaurateur from Barcelona with 20 years of experience. Adamant about serving authentic fare, Manresa plucked Perfecto's chef de cuisine, Daniel Torres, from Barcelona, where he worked at the Michelin-starred Catalan restaurant Hofmann. From the tapas-heavy menu, the avocado cannelloni is a must; just don't expect to find any pasta. Inside an exoskeleton of interwoven avocado slices lie juicy morsels of lump crabmeat enhanced with diced tomatoes, microgreens, and ginger. Also excellent are the gently fried beef meatballs portioned with cuttlefish in a wine sauce. The majority of items at Perfecto, including the three types of paella, are intended for sharing, so it's best to arrive in a group.