Ily Goyanes


This place is simply one of the best restaurants for inexpensive, mouthwatering, and authentic Mexican food. The service is usually on the poor side, sometimes even downright rude, so take advantage of the drive-thru. Yes, Pasadita has a drive-thru. Use it. Take those fresh, delectable tacos and burritos to go and enjoy them in the tranquility of your home or a nearby park. And enjoy them you will. The burritos ($5.99) are stuffed with beans, rice, onions, cilantro, cheese, and your choice of carne asada, al pastor, fried pork belly, carnitas, tongue, chicken, ground beef, chorizo, or tripe. Warning: You might develop an addiction. Individual tacos ($1.69) come with the same choice of meats plus bistec a la mexicana -- seriously sinful, tender chunks of perfectly cooked steak. You can never go wrong with beef or pork here, but the shredded chicken breast has no flavor. The only other issue is there's a charge for all condiments -- salsa, pico de gallo, and so on -- but considering the menu items are inexpensive and delicious, we'll forgive Pasadita.