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Myung Ga Tofu & BBQ

Unlike traditional Korean barbecue houses, Myung Ga doesn't have the built-in tabletop grills that have turned this nation's barbecue meals into dinner and a show. But the galbi (short ribs, grilled after a nice, long bath in one of Korea's unique, complexly balanced soy/fruit marinades) and boolgogi (grilled, thinly sliced marinated beef) are still habit-formingly good, even though they're prepared in the kitchen. Tofu, the featured item in 10 soups plus a tasty fried tofu steak starter, is also excellent, served with soy-based and hot sauces that turn the creamy but bland bean curd squares into savory custards. All entrées come with a full banchan (side dish) assortment - sesame-dressed bean sprouts, cukes in chili sauce, a soothing green salad, spicy fermented kim chee (Korea's national dish), and several more crunchy accompaniments that make the meal as healthy as it is tasty.