Natalia Molina

Mykonos Greek Restaurant

If you're a local, you know this place. Awash in shades of blue and white, Mykonos sits on that awkward break on Coral Way right before you get to the Roads. And it's about as traditional and down-home as it gets, with a wooden patio, informal but attentive service, and an interior that features not only pastoral murals of coastal Greek vistas but also a fun, bright '80s decor. The fare is served in generous portions, especially the noteworthy hummus, served with a choice of warm whole what or flour pita. A heap of Greek fries topped with feta cheese and oregano comes hot and fast. The extremely tender gyro souvlaki combination is piled high with meat, veggies, and pita wedges. Other authentic items, such as moussaka and pastitsio, are equally abundant. Even the baklava — dense, flaky, and dripping with honey — is built for two and also comes in cupcake form. Bring your appetite and wear your stretchy pants.

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