Moshi Moshi

Literally meaning "hello," moshi moshi is a traditional Japanese greeting that appropriately reflects the warmth and hospitality bestowed on those fortunate enough to stumble on this South Beach sushi spot. A local fave, this ultra-hip, neighborhood restaurant offers more than 175 sushi, sashimi, and teriyaki dishes. So slip off your shoes, slither into a booth, and begin the daunting task of deciding what to eat. Fish is sumptuously fresh whether you're ordering the ordinary or the extraordinarily exotic — the menu caters to both extremes. The more daring, more adventurous, and more hungry among you may want to seek out the "super roll" section. If you'd rather sit in your slippers to eat, Moshi Moshi will happily fix your order for take-out, or deliver it straight to your door.

Restaurant Details