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Miss Saigon Bistro

The interior of Miss Saigon looks otherworldly. The folks who work here dress in traditional odia (brilliantly hued long dresses) and have a knack for making guests feel welcome. Have no fear if this is your first time eating Vietnamese. The traditional beef pho is large enough to share and comes with rice noodles and chunks of rare beef with all the fixings — a sprig of basil, sprouts, and hot sauce — on the side. Spring rolls, with a distinctive chewy crunch, are appetizer standouts. If you're feeling ravenous, try the massive Miss Saigon noodle bowl, filled with a mix of golden brown spring rolls, shrimp, beef, lemongrass, noodles, and a hint of curry served tableside in individual bowls if you are sharing. For dessert, try the strongly brewed Vietnamese coffee, which slowly drips in front of you in a tall glass mug atop a sweet inch of condensed milk.