Alexandra Rincon

L.C. Roti Shop

Alexandra Rincon
Sure, there's a serious lack of air conditioning, and random dancehall concert posters adorn the walls. But L.C. Roti is the spot for the softest, freshest, and yummiest roti in North Dade. Located in a Caribbean-centric strip mall off State Road 441 in Miami Gardens, the place regularly boasts a dinnertime line of customers waiting for puffy white pillows of dough made from yellow split-pea flour, slapped onto a floured board, and rolled out per order. From homemade chickpeas and potatoes to juicy jerk chicken to conch and shrimp or even duck, have whatever you desire. And you know you have a good and authentic roti when dust from ground-up dahl (yellow split pea) comes flying out of the bread's inner layers upon every bite. Don't forget to wipe your mouth -- dahl tends to leave a yellow mustache.

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