La Piazzetta

Since 2017, La Piazzetta has churned out more than two dozen kinds of pies in a space located less than a block north of the Upper Buena Vista complex. Inside, find an Italian-farmhouse setting outfitted with brick and wood walls, wine barrels, and a central pizza oven. At mismatched tables with similarly eclectic chairs, dine on pizza topped with everything from smoked mozzarella to pumpkin cream. Pizzas, which boast light and crisp crusts, range from savory to sweet. Perhaps the best is the municipio, topped with stracciatella, smoked salmon, and cherry tomatoes. Also try the panna prosciutto e funghi, layered with mozzarella, heavy cream, ham, and wild mixed mushrooms. Finish with a pie smeared in Nutella topped with fruit, crushed pistachios, or candy.