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Kim's Chinese Restaurant

Some say Miami doesn't have good Chinese food. Still, those for whom Chinese is a must, Kim's will not disappoint. It is a solid option among the weaker alternatives -- enjoyable, provided you don't start trying to compare it to New York's Chinese fare. Delivery is quick and competent, which in this arena, is extremely important. The four-page menu features every kind of Chinese combination for which you could hope with photos of the less common dishes to ease confusion. Egg rolls are deliciously crunchy and finger-lickingly greasy, though the spring rolls check in at about half the size. A sound selection for main course would be the mu-shu chicken, the meat white and tender, the vegetables fresh (crunchy, not soggy), and the sauce light and lively. For those who may prefer a more wholesome grain, brown rice is available as a side with any meal. A wide array of vegetarian dishes are also offered, including a tasty eggplant with tofu dish. Portions are hefty, and once you make peace with the fact that Miami Chinese is not Manhattan Chinese, Kim's will hit the spot.