Kebab Indian Restaurant

Good Indian food is hard to come by in Miami. While Kebab wouldn't be considered outrageously amazing in, say, New York, it's as authentic as it gets in the Magic City. And spicy-food lovers excuse the humble, outdated setting and less-than-stellar service when in search of crisp samosas, pungent tandoori dishes, saucy platters perfect for scooping with warm naan, and, of course, all varieties of kebabs. As with most authentic Indian eateries, lunchtime consists of a buffet ($9.99) that always features jasmine rice; dal, a spicy lentil stew; several kinds of curry; and a few rotating specialty dishes such as aloo palak, potatoes and spinach, heavily spiced and served with onion chutney. Dinner options are served à la carte as well as by the platter, a good option for Indian cuisine newbies who aren't sure of what to order. For example, a Janata dinner ($20.95) brings mulligatawny soup with bhujia, a tomato-based vegetable soup served with crisp fried noodle-like garnishes; a choice of boneless chicken or vegetable curry; pilaw rice, similar to a rice pilaf with vegetables; fruit chutney; onion chutney; chapati, one of many kinds of Indian flatbreads; and gulab jamun, a deep-fried dessert similar to syrupy donuts. All dishes can be requested mild or extra spicy.