courtesy of Jucy Lu

Jucy Lu

Photo by Hannah Sentenac
Enter Jucy Lu, a charming spot in the back of Wynwood Block whose colorful edibles are the ideal accompaniment to your carefully curated social media feed. Sip a rosy-hued passion punch made with orange, strawberry, mango, pineapple, lime, passionfruit, cucumber and apple. Color-coordinate it with the fresh and green forbidden rice salad, complete with cucumber, cilantro, mint, radishes, kale, coconut, pistachio, cashews, and vinaigrette. Or try the 2not sandwich with chickpeas, carrots, capers, and tahini paste. How about the mango passion coconut pudding with hibiscus and chia seeds? Pick your fave and indulge accordingly. This is vibrant, aesthetically appealing food that’ll maintain your killer bod — and your IG image.