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IronFlower Fitness

The Experience Highly intense fitness sessions against a backdrop of luxury and finesse, with state of the art equipment and a formula for success, makes IronFlower the number 1 choice for Miami's prestigious women! The Formula Strength ...Endurance ....Functional Fitness ....Flexibility ...Holistic Wellness ...Dance ...and ...Conditioning We challenge your body with different exercise disciplines so that you not only achieve the desired physical appearance you are craving but your body becomes a machine ready to deal with anything life throws at it! Inspire, Excite, Energize & Ignite At IronFlower we never underestimate the experience. To keep you engaged you have to want to work out! Our classes include a range of equipment that is challenging and strengthening but exciting all in the same breath. Whether your class includes, Battle Ropes, Benches and Boxing Bags, Trx, Plyo Boxes and Bosus , Kettle bells, Free weights, Barres or Bikes, be ready to Sweat, Climb, Crawl, Dance, Kick, Punch or Meditate but we will get you to your finish line and with a smile on your face too! Our world class Instructors, along with badass playlists, club like lighting and enthralling location makes getting and staying in shape something you simply can not live without.