Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant

Just off South Dixie Highway, Guadalajara is one of Pinecrest's hidden dining gems. Unabashedly bright decor and an invitingly open layout elevate it above most Tex-Mex eateries. Yes, the expected offerings dominate the menu; anyone familiar with Taco Bell knows nachos, burritos, enchiladas, gorditas, and flautas. But Guadalajara goes a step beyond typical Southwestern cafes by offering accessible, authentic fare. Patrons looking for a light meal would do well with the caldo de rez beef stew, which comes with slices of lime and freshly made tortillas. The tamales are delicious and filling -- steamed cornmeal stuffed with perfectly spiced pork and drizzled with Guadalajara's creamy sauce. The most impressive dish is the whole red snapper -- marinated with spices and onions, deep-fried, and served with choice of sides for.

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