Gold Marquess Fine Chinese Cuisine

The pigs are sweet inside this opulent Chinese spot adorned with pictures of gilded dragons and glistening lacquer paintings of intricate zodiac symbols. These are no normal pigs. A bite into one reveals not flesh, but fluffy steamed dough wrapped around a warm, slightly sweet egg custard. It’s an ideal dessert after assaulting your body’s water content with swollen soup dumplings filled with crab and pork. Of course you can’t stop there. There are pork ribs in a fragrant fermented black bean sauce, then come the pasty taro fritters, with the puréed tuber encased in a crackly web of a crust. By the time the sweet pig buns arrived, you'll have had more than your fill. But how could you resist the adorable pink snouts and curly tails so precisely affixed to the sweet treat? All that’s left to do is keep your eyes open for the drive home. Then, and only then, can you collapse into a dream world filled with sweet pigs marching by.