Gibraltar Restaurant

Yes, Gibraltar serves fresh, creatively executed dishes that often feature local ingredients. But let's not kid ourselves - people would probably flock to this Grove Isle oasis even if it served stale bread on a plate. The view here is killer - a 360-panorama of ocean, sky, and marina enjoyed amid tropical shrubbery and tiki torches. It's no wonder that nine out of ten patrons on any given night are coupled up and snuggling outdoors even as mosquito- and humidity-free indoor diners wonder why (though the interior floor-to-ceiling windows ensure they don't feel left-out). Pan-fried snapper ($33) is served in a lemon grass-coconut broth with ginger-butternut squash, bok choy, and a lotus chip salad; and a blackened seared tuna ($32) is glazed with a sake-wasabi sauce, garnished with peanuts and fermented black beans, and served on jasmine coconut rice. The wine list is arguably Gibraltar's weakest point - it's mostly populated by marked-up supermarket brands with a few fancier choices thrown in for good measure. The restaurant gets away with it because, as we mentioned, people would probably drink sea water just to sit at a table.