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What is a GastroPod? It's been a food truck in the form of a 1962 Airstream trailer and a stall in Aventura Mall. Sometimes it's a pop-up dinner or brunch at an art gallery. Lately it's a pair of shipping containers converted to mobile kitchens in the heart of Wynwood. Whatever form it takes, one thing is constant: The larger-than-life Jeremiah Bullfrog will be there sporting a strawberry-blond beard and holding a juicy cheeseburger or perhaps a bowl of XO noodles. Bullfrog is an expert at giving people what they want, whether it be fancy, delicate tweezer fare or a whole pig roasted Chinese-style at one of his notorious P.I.G. events. It's uncertain whether he'll ever settle down in one place, though the Aventura spot is the closest so far. In the meantime, the hunt for fried chicken sandwiches and "crack" shakes made with Panther Coffee will still be going strong.Read our full review.