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Gables Diner

Devin Peppler
With sleek wood-paneled walls and mood lighting (including candles on the tables), this diner bears little visual resemblance to the homespun, railroad-car classic model. But traditional diner dishes -- lightened up but just as all American as the originals -- are indeed offered here, as well as more modern fare. Comfort-food fans will find satisfaction in chicken pot pie with a puff pastry crust, ultra-crisp fish and chips with fresh coleslaw, and some truly humongous burgers -- ten ounces of beef or turkey with good fries or even better housemade potato chips. Those seeking slightly lighter fare can choose among main-course salads, including a signature sesame chicken with greens, a variety of American and Asian veggies, cashews, won tons, and curried cilantro dressing. Don't miss the malted milkshakes.