Del Sur Gourmet Market

For thousands of years, mankind has found solace in homemade food and good wine, and there are some things our species will never forego. Bakery, wine bar, market and restaurant all in one, this little Argentinian gem is source for all kinds of hearty, comforting "honest" eats from flaky empanadas ($2.29) to juicy grilled ribeyes ($22.95). Eager to please servers will ply you with fresh made fare. Try the crispy mollejas ($11.95) or mozzarella tasting for two ($17.95, or go with the creamy polenta with lamb ossobuco ($22.95), pear and gorgonzola ravioli ($15.95) or grilled filet mignon wrapped with pancetta ($24.95). And don't forget the vino - bottles of wine line the walls, many of which range from $12 - $17. So make like your ancestors and live in the now: "Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we (may) die."