Chilorio's Very Mexican

Taking a cue from other Tex-Mex ristorantes, this bright newcomer has a few novel concepts up its sleeve. One is that it tries to be more authentically Mexican than its peers by playing mariachi, American, and Latin music. Another is that it sports clean lines and flashy colors in the design of its chairs, which feature neon green seats and paint jobs made to look like Spanish-language newsprint. Also, the restaurant is fryer-free and offers 12 different salsas chopped from scratch daily. The tortillas — corn, whole wheat, or flour — are prepared in-house and are so fresh you can literally see them being made while you order. Tacos (three for $6.78 to $10.98) get a boost with the addition of lobster or shrimp and come with choice of white lime rice, pinto beans, or black beans. Burritos ($6.78 to $10.98) are grilled in a panini-like press, making them easy to eat and, more important, oozing with melted Monterey jack, queso fresco, and cheddar. Tamarindo, a juice made from tamarind, is available in lieu of fountain drinks. Another way Chilorio's dares to be different: It serves a healthful specialty dish called nopalitos ($8.88), a marinated cactus mixed with pico de gallo. Oh, and did we mention the cell phone charging station with plenty of adapters? That’s reason alone for any Gables professional to swing by for a bite.