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Cafe Med

Located in the Breakwater Hotel -- noted for its famous facade (a favorite among filmmakers), notorious for its dilapidated rooms -- this sidewalk eatery seems little different from the other clone cafes that line Ocean Drive. Display of plastic-covered petrified food? Check. Aggressive shill out front? Check. Vaguely "Mediterranean" menu of pasta, paella, and pizza, plus the standard salads and burgers? Check. But like its cousin Cafe Med in Cocowalk, this place is marginally better than many competing tourist traps. Fish and chips is a good choice, though somewhat pricey. Easier on the budget are over a dozen lunch specials, though don't let the mega-burgers under the plastic wrap -- which could double, sizewise, for moped tires -- get your hopes up; the bargain burgers are much smaller. Best idea for those seeking good value for money, are individual-size, designer pizzas, genuinely tasty if you make sure to order the thin crusts, well-done.Read our full review.