Cafe Bambini

If you're here, it's probably because you have a bambino of your own and you're desperate to dine at an eatery that doesn't make you feel like an unwelcome guest. Café Bambini's monstrous play area full of toys, games, and costumes is a alluring part of the experience. You won't be able to drop your kid in the hands of a babysitter, but at least you and a friend can nosh while you watch your babies go wild inside the soft-gated space. (By the way, a blessedly effective sound system drowns out squeals via mellow music à la Coldplay, Dave Matthews, Counting Crows, and the like.) A compact menu includes pizzas and salads averaging about $9, sandwiches for about $8, and smoothies, plus seven kiddie offerings at only $4.95. The owners, two couples with children, also scored some really great pastries from a local Argentine bakery - try a glorious empanada ($2.50) for starters - and they serve Segafredo coffee and Dolce Vita gelato. You can investigate one of the many display cases for a selection of organic baby foods, snacks, and drinks, but we recommend bypassing the strained peas and opting for a pepperoni pizza.