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Aran S Graham

Burritos Grill Cafe

The strength of this Mex café is the mom-and-pop appeal. Begin with a complimentary basket of crisp yellow corn chips and zesty tomato salsa (a small dish of smooth, mellow guacamole is worth the two-dollar surcharge). A recommended starter is salbutes: small rounds of thick, fried tortillas topped with shredded chicken and a small dice of tomato and onion. Top entrées include poc-chuc: a thin, grilled, delectable pork loin cutlet that prior to cooking gets pounded and then marinated in seasoned sour orange juice; and cochinita pibil: moist morsels of marinated pork (baked in banana leaves for eight hours) atop three corn tortillas. Most main courses cost $9 to $14 and are plated with sparkling renditions of yellow rice and refried pinto beans. The best dessert is a moist homemade banana cake absolutely bursting with that fruit's flavor, sweetly glazed, and chaperoned by a scoop of vanilla ice cream.