It may be the funky space (a converted tire shop filled with tchotchkes and mismatched furniture), the upbeat music (Frankie Valli and Neil Diamond followed by a contemporary DJ and even live jazz some nights), the booze (it's a wine bar owned by two Argentine sommeliers) or all three, but Bunbury in Edgewater is simply charming. The twinkle lights on the terrace, Latin small plates, and fair prices also make it an ideal spot for large parties and intimate dates alike; by 8:30 p.m., the place brims with both. Regarding those small plates: In the year Bunbury has been open, its baked empanadas have gained a devoted following. A recent special consisting of spinach, zucchini, and Parmesan didn't disappoint; the bronzed crescent packed flavor and crunch. Another comforting and crowd-pleasing menu item is a plate of gently fried shrimp balls. Each orb contains a concentrated dose of tasty crustacean with a subtle spiciness. Bottom line: A night at Bunbury is as fun as it looks and sounds.

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