Bellante's Pizza & Pasta

There are certain foods that are hard to grow tired of, hence the plethora of pizza options in every American city. While Bellante's Pizza & Pasta selection might not impress NY's finest - it sure as hell makes the rest of us giddy. The notion of bottomless eats is the happy place for many a parent of ravenous teens, particularly when prices range around $7 for a full on smorgasboard. Pizza options at this Aventura outpost include pepperoni, sausage, cheese, chicken alfredo, ham and pineapple, barbecue chicken, and Mexican, plus cheese bread, pepperoni bites and breadsticks. There's plenty of pasta, too, so you can fill up on spaghetti aglio olio, pomodoro, or alfredo. It's impossible to leave hungry - even for the seemingly bottomless pits known as 15-year-old boys.